Close your eyes and imagine your ideal vacation spot. Is it on the water? Why? Because our bodies are comprised mainly of water, we are naturally drawn to it.

It’s this connection that Jackson Pond understands and this relationship that guides our philosophy: “constructing breathtaking water features by working closely with the needs and desires of our clients”. It’s of utmost importance that we listen to our clients and understand their expectations. Only then can we illustrate the possibilities.

Our Services

  • Transform your backyard from dull and ordinary to your own personal paradise.
  • Soothing sounds of cascading water through a stream combined with the drama and effect of the waterfall.
  • We offer full maintenance and management of ponds, pondless waterfalls, fountains and all other water features tailored specifically to meet your needs.
  • A landscape is the perfect outdoor living space, transforming the way of life of you and your family.

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